Meek Mill video: Parliament to invite National Security Minister

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According to James Agalga, the ranking member of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Defense and Interior, the National Security Minister, Albert Kan Dapaah, would be invited to explain how US rapper Meek Mill recorded a music video at the Jubilee House.

He claims that the minister has to be questioned over the current processes.

The musician’s actions might possibly jeopardize our president’s security.

As a result, we must investigate the president’s security chief’s actions, and the committee will be looking into the situation.

“We definitely will invite the National Security Minister and question him about the protocols that are in place at the Jubilee House,” James Agalga stated in an interview with Citinewsroom.

After sharing a promotional video with his Twitter and Instagram followers, American rapper Meek Mill later removed the post.

Although no explanation for the deletion has been provided, it is commonly accepted that it was done as a result of criticism after it was discovered that parts of the viral film were taken in and around the Jubilee House during his most recent visit.

Although it still exists, the Twitter link to the Instagram clip takes users to a blank website.

Meek Mill can be heard rapping throughout the Jubilee House, including on the facade, in the major hallways, and in the main conference room, first behind the president’s podium and then in a seating area.

Users of social media, particularly those on Twitter, were generally incensed by what they perceived as a close call on desecrating the presidency, citing ethical and security concerns.

Influencers on the platform have also drawn criticism for permitting such sensitive places to be recorded for a music video, with the majority of comments criticizing the administration.

The three biggest trends from Sunday night to Monday morning were Meek Mill, Jubilee House, and White House.

It should be mentioned that a tiny percentage of people are defending it by saying it is not a huge problem.


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