Military storm Garu to brutalize civilians after alleged attack on National Security personnel

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According to reports, soldiers in Ghana have brutalized civilians in the Upper East Region of the nation, in a community known as Garu.

According to Ghana’s Ministry of National Security, angry youngsters from the town attacked military officers on Saturday, which led to the military’s response.

According to local media, military personnel assaulted the neighborhood on Sunday with the intention of physically abusing and punishing people, especially men.

Many of those who were attacked were compelled to leave the community, and some of them had multiple injuries.

Social media users have shared pictures from the incident.

There have been reports of more men running away from their houses in the Upper East Region’s Garu town, leaving behind women and children, allegedly due to allegations of military abuse.

According to reports, the military invaded the neighborhood early on Sunday morning in order to physically attack and punish locals, especially men, with corporal punishment, leaving multiple people injured.

The Garu District Hospital is overflowing with patients as a result of the injuries they have sustained.

Many males are currently taking asylum in the Garu valley, according to Jacob Ayam, the Assembly Member of Kpeikpira in Tempane and a resident of Garu.

According to the National Security Ministry, angry youngsters from the town attacked their staff on Saturday, which set off the military operation.

According to the ministry, five counterterrorism intelligence officers have been sent to Garu as part of a crucial yet special operation.

But the angry youth group attacked the policemen, shot at them, and pursued them to the police station, where the Ghanaian Armed Forces eventually came to their aid. The mob was armed with machetes, AK-47 rifles, and other weapons.

The ministry claims that its next action involved working with the Ghanaian Armed Forces to seize the weapons that the attack’s perpetrators had used.

It further stated that several of the offenders had been taken into custody.


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