Mr President: Please listen to Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu-Concerned Patriot writes

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Dear Mr. President,

I extend my deep-seated appreciations to you, Mr. President, for standing tall from amongst your peers during these turbulent times. Like Moses, the noise keeps getting louder with your relentless effort to getting the Israelites out of captivity. Probably, some longest stay in oppression has instilled in them accommodating hearts for suppression. Therefore, any obstacle faced in an attempt to bring such persons out of captivity, no matter how genuine, looks more worrying in their eyes. Hence your predicament today. But I’m of firm belief that ‘ This too shall pass ‘. To quote you, Mr. President.

Your Excellency, I’m sure you must have seen the videos in circulation, or been briefed, about the unfortunate incident which occured in Suame Constituency yesterday, Monday 18th July, 2022. If not, then let me furnish you with a summary of it below.

The people of Suame Magazine, arguably the largest light industrial enclave in West Africa, were up in arms against Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu (Hon MP, Suame). His only sin was that, he, with a tired limp from a marathon National Conference over the weekend, whilst his compatriots rest, has rushed to Kumasi to assess, at firsthand, progress of work on re-shaping of a portion of the Kumasi-Tamele highway located within the Magazine enclave, and to assure them of government’s commitment to complete the already started project

Mr. President, this noble intent was met with brute force from hired charactor assassinators to dump the spirit of your hardworking Member of Parliament, Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu. Your man was pelted with sachet water and hooted at. Not because he’s done anything wrong, but that he’d elected himself to see to a successful end of this our government.

Ideally, such a spirit must have been guided, guarded, encouraged and well-resourced to forge on if our party would want to keep to our promise of breaking the 8. But his genuine propositions are mostly countered by people who do little to nothing to salvage our party’s image or even project the interest of our party in public.

Mr. President, those who circulated the videos initially must have thought it was a fine opportunity to broadcast how unpopular Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu had become at his own backyard until they heard what genuine hearts had as their grievances. Mr President, their grievances expressed were from Afigya Kwabre, Offinso South, Kwabre East, etc. In fact, it was a regional problem that our people think Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu can relay to you better as Cabinet Minister and a voice of the voiceless.

Much as I’m worried about their mode of operation, probably because they had allowed infiltration from disgrantled few hired by pretentious professional character assassinators intra-party for selfish interest, I’m satisfied we have seen this earlier enough to enable us atone for any bruises we would have been faced with eventually.

My appeal to you, Mr President, is that, these happenings show the highest degree of confidence reposed in Majority Leader by the people in Ashanti over the years, please listen to him on Ashanti’s immediate cries (and let him lead to serve as your guide in this regard) because majority of our base listens to him as direct government in Ashanti.

Also, the people, in spite of all that you have done, are making a communal demand to see the Suame Interchange project started

Mr, President, I know how far you have gone with preparation, but let it start to save our party image in the region.

With this, your footsoldier can say with my shoulders raised that, their wishes had been granted. And present a good case for our agenda Breaking The 8. This is doable, Mr President.

I trust my message finds you well.

Thank You.


Agyemang Richard

(Concerned Patriot)


The Chief of Staff

The Ashanti Regional Minister

All Majority Members of Parliament

The National Chairman NPP

The General Secretary NPP

Ashanti Regional Chairman NPP



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