NDC to punish Muntaka, Ofosu Kwakye and Sam George for sharing grievances to the media

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Three prominent NDC members have come under fire from Mustapha Gbande, the NDC’s deputy general secretary, for airing their post-election complaints in the media rather than through internal party channels.

Sam George of Ningo Prampram, Muntaka Mubarak of Asawase, and Felix Kwakye Ofosu of the Abura Asebu-Kwamankese constituency in the Eastern Region are the three newly elected parliamentary candidates. In interviews with Joy News, they all accused some national executives of meddling in the recently concluded primaries rather than acting as impartial referees.

The three have therefore demanded punishments against such national executives in an effort to impose national discipline that will spread to all members.

Before the crucial election in 2024, according to the former deputy minister of information, Mr. Kwakye Ofosu, these measures could cause fractures within the party. According to him, candidates who were unsuccessful in winning the right to represent their constituencies would feel betrayed and would not contribute to the party’s future growth.

However, Mustapha Gbande, the Deputy General Secretary, claimed in an interview with Joy FM’s Top Story monitored by Ghanatodayonline.com that his three senior colleagues ought to have used the party structures rather than turning to the media.

“I also want to think that my senior colleagues who are complaining, understand that grievances will not be picked from the media, and so we have an internal mechanism on how grievances are channelled and how they get addressed.

“This is not to say that they don’t have grievances, I want to also encourage that at this time, party members will refrain from comments and actions that will disintegrate the unity of the party particularly now that we are done with the election, and also particularly that it is coming from people who have been elected or people have won” Mr Gbande stated.

He claimed that if the party were to punish everyone as they are demanding, the punishment would begin with them for avoiding using established methods to voice their complaints.

In general, indiscipline exists everywhere, and our leadership is brave and well-positioned to deal with it. Going to the media to air internal issues is just as terrible as suing the party or betraying it.

“And so members who are aggrieved by decisions and in the spirit of discipline must understand that those grievances ought to be channelled through internal processes. I have heard them say that leadership must hear everyone out and discipline people, if I am supposed to discipline anybody, I will first of all discipline an elected member who will run to the media to further deepen cracks.”

At this moment, he claimed, the party and its leader are more dedicated to engaging everyone, especially those who lost the election.

“I believe the election is over, and overall it was a really good election. Are people interested in it? Yes. Has there been a problem? Yes. We are concentrating on considering the greater good. People who made it through the election are the ones who are complaining. That isn’t a big deal, in my opinion. The people who have lost it are the bigger problem. In order for us to go forward as a family, the National Executive Committee is making an effort to address the issues of elected members and how to bring up those who lost the election.

They shouldn’t be the ones to whine to the media about being treated unfairly. The only thing left is for us to drive them to accomplish their goal, which is to win the election. They have already overcome winning the elections, the conspiracy theory, the vaccine, and the ganging.

Source: Ghanatodayonline.com

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