Niger’s invasion by ECOWAS will have disastrous economic implications, according to FOSDA

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According to the Foundation for Security Development in Africa (FOSDA), ECOWAS invading Niger in an effort to restore constitutional authority would have disastrous economic ramifications.

This follows threats of a potential military intervention by ECOWAS member states against the Nigerien junta.

Ambassador Abdul Musah, the ECOWAS Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace, and Security, explained that while the regional bloc is still open to diplomatic engagement with the junta in charge of Niger, any further defiance from the junta will result in a response aimed at defending its rules through its contingency.

Theodora W. Anti, Executive Director of FOSDA, commented on the situation and urged the ECOWAS group to do everything in their power to persistently pursue diplomacy in order to resolve the problem in Niger.

“The current economic condition we are in is quite bad when you consider the economic repercussions. There will undoubtedly be some losses and violence if you consider the economic and even the military implications, and we don’t want an ECOWAS that commits such atrocities against its own citizens.

“I believe that ECOWAS should listen to the people and pursue diplomacy to the very end, whether it is military or civilian. With regard to the Niger issue, diplomacy should be relentless and consistent, according to Madam Anti in an interview with

“All cards are on the table,” she said, “as the ECOWAS Commissioner stated, and the junta has signaled that they are prepared to discuss. Additionally, ECOWAS is reportedly pushing diplomacy more, according to my insider sources. They merely pretend to enhance the military more in some way. Therefore, they should continue to step up their diplomatic intervention. so that we can resolve this issue successfully.

On Saturday, August 19, 2023, thousands of people in Niamey, Niger, lined up in response to the call for civilian auxiliary forces to help the armed forces.

The junta was aware of this initiative, according to the event’s organizer, but it was not a part of it.


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