Packing EC with activists of NPP will not deter the NDC’s to police the election results – Mahama

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According to Mr. John Dramani Mahama, the NDC’s determination to oversee the election results will not be diminished by the EC being overrun with members of the current government’s New Patriotic Party.

“Because they are worried about losing the 2024 election, they have started appointing NPP activists to the Electoral Commission in order to exert control over the referee. However, when I say that the election is a “Do or Die affair,” I mean that regardless of whether they nominate the NPP chairman to the electoral commission, we will go boot to boot with them. Since we don’t want to cheat anyone, but we also don’t want anyone to cheat us, we will match them at the polling places. Hence, we’ll mark them at the voting place to ensure that no excess ballots accidentally fall into the ballot box.

Mr. Mahama urged NDC branch and constituency executives to fully participate in the voting processes in their respective polling places and to exercise extreme caution.

“Elections are won or lost at the voting centers… and there are polling stations in each of your branches. You will be in charge of maintaining security at the polling stations” he stated.

Mahama added “We will rely on you to ensure that the election in your polling place is free, fair, and transparent because the campaigning in the polling place will be in your hands. Also, we are putting in place a reliable system that will enable us to communicate the results, and you, the branch and constituency executives, will be participating. We will come and explain the new system to you”.


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