Pensioner Bondholders picket at Finance Ministry again over unpaid coupons

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Picketing at the Finance Ministry has resumed, with members of the Pensioner Bondholders Forum stepping up their demands for the payment of the six overdue coupons that have not yet been paid.

The bondholders have gathered again to demand that the government fulfill its promise to resolve the remaining financial obligations after a brief two-week suspension of their protest during which the government paid four principals and maturing coupons.

The forum has accepted the government’s commitment to making the principle payments, but attention is now focused on the unpaid coupons that have matured since June 5.

In response to the government’s response to their demands, the Pensioner Bondholders Forum has announced its intention to petition the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ).

This action represents a change in the bondholders’ strategy, who are now looking to the courts for help protecting their rights and interests.

In their relentless pursuit of justice, the picketers have fought for the payment of their legitimate financial claims.

The Pensioner Bondholders Forum is an association of varied people who have put their hard-earned money into government bonds. They have come together in their fight to get the money they are entitled in the form of unpaid coupons.

The situation is quite urgent because many bondholders are retirees who depend on these payments to sustain their living expenses.

The Bondholders think that independent investigation and intervention are necessary due to the way the administration has handled their demands.


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