People inject formalin to keep fruits fresh- Registered Dietician

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Eyram King Dotse, a certified licensed dietician at the Accra Regional Hospital, has said that certain vendors of fruits inject them with formalin to keep them fresh for a longer period of time.

Earlier, during the health check section of GTV’s Breakfast Show, which was watching, he made this admission.

Some foods and products, including antiseptics, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, can be preserved by the use of formalin, which is frequently used as an industrial disinfectant, a preservative in funeral homes, and in medical labs.

However, the dietician claims that “most of the fruits being brought to the market now to preserve the fruits and maintain a certain value, one key thing they do is inject fruit sweet, formalin into the fruits to keep them fresh just like it does to the skin of dead bodies.” Severe exposure can result in death from throat swelling or from chemical burns to the lungs.

“For instance, Apple will still have a fresh look after several weeks instead of becoming deteriorated,” he stated.

He warned that consuming formalin could result in fatal cancer as well as terrible stomach discomfort.


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