Police arrest 49 OccupyJulorBiHouse members for unlawful assembly

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In connection with the demonstration that is slated to take place today Thursday, September 21, near the Jubilee House, the seat of government, 49 individuals have been detained by the police.

According to the police statement, they were taken into custody “near the Jubilee House and the 37 Military Hospital area.”

The protestors were detained, according to the police, because of the organizers’ “flagrant disregard of the court process served on them, which seeks to prohibit them from embarking on a planned demonstration.”

The demonstrators are calling for a number of reforms, such as lower living expenses, an end to corruption, and better government.

Read the police statement below:

The Ghana Police Service has taken legal action by submitting a court suit to stop the event.

Demonstrations are being organized by an organization called Democracy Hub, which has accused the government of mismanaging the economy and demanded better aid for Ghanaians who are in need.

The police have stated that they will wait for the court’s ruling before taking any additional action in relation to the scheduled demonstration. The public has also received a stern warning from the authorities telling them to ignore any calls from people or organizations advocating involvement in the rally near the Jubilee House.

In addition, for the sake of public safety and order, the police have urged the demonstration organizers to follow the law.

Despite the police department’s warning, the demonstration, according to a group going by the name Democracy Hub, would go on as scheduled.

The organizers pleaded with the public in a statement dated September 20, 2023 to reject any police warnings and show up at the 37-bus terminal on the scheduled date, September 21, 2023, for a march to the Jubilee House.

The Ghana Police requested an injunction against the organization identifying itself as Democracy Hub in a letter to the court earlier today.

In its statement, the Police urged the public to ignore any calls from the demonstration’s organizers as it awaited the court’s decision on the injunction.

However, the group claims it has not been served and is not aware of the police’s application.

“Furthermore, we want the general public to be aware that the Police persisted in their deception throughout our interaction with them, leading us to assume that they would uphold the law and fulfill their duties under the Public Order Act.

“We are appalled by the desperate and likely partisan attempts by the Police to disrupt peaceful and democratic mobilization for our upcoming #OccupyJulorbiHouse picket,” the group’s statement stated.

Source: Ghanatodayonline.com

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