Police bar protestors from entering National Cathedral site

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A group of protesters has been stopped from accessing the National Cathedral building site and Parliament by Ghana Police Service officers.

Why the cops blocked the protesters from entering the area is unknown.

The group began picketing outside the Parliament courtyard at around 10:00 am, demanding that the contentious National Cathedral’s construction be stopped.

The gathering eventually marched to the cathedral building grounds but was confronted by armed police officers. The group included members of Justice for Ghana, Arise Ghana, and several traditional elders.

Following a brief exchange between the protestors’ leaders and the police, one of the leaders, Bernard Mornah, said “The police have decided not to allow us entry. This was not the agreement. We told them in our negotiations that we will be coming there and they agreed. So I don’t know why they have now turned back on their words.”

Bernard Mornah said when asked what precise justification the police had provided: “They are not providing us any specific reason.

They are only stating that they cannot permit us. But as you can see, they continue to get phone orders. We don’t know who is giving them the command. The gang makes a commitment to not give up until they are granted access to the location.

We are law-abiding individuals, therefore we will go back to picket at the legislature and come back here later, he stated.

After arriving to Parliament, the group was likewise denied access to the building.

The entrance to Parliament is now sealed due to a human blockade created by Formed Police Units (FPU) personnel who were outfitted in war gear and shields.

Since then, the police have reluctant to speak with the media.

In an effort to deliver their petition to Parliament’s leadership, the group is still standing in line at the gates.

“Return Cathedral Cash,” “Prime State Land Wasted,” “Don’t Touch Pensions Fund,” and “Say No to IMF-Haircut” are just a few of the messages on their banners.

Source: Ghanatodayonline.com

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