Pressure mounts on Kejetia Management and Board to resign

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The administration of the market has been charged with sleeping on the job by the Kumasi Kejetia Traders Association.

The organization is requesting that the government fire the market’s administration and dissolve the board in response.

Reuben Amey, the association’s secretary, observed that traders are growing impatient with the administration of the market during a news conference conducted in Kumasi today, March 29, 2023.

“The affected dealers, the 807 traders, are growing restless, that much is true. It’s beginning to frustrate me. As soon as you start to feel irritated, you start doing things that you shouldn’t.

“Two, you claimed that we left a conference. No one requested a conference with us. The secretary of the traders association questioned, “How do you expect us to be there? They summoned us in for a meeting, but when we arrived we realized it was a news conference.

The association claims it has documentation showing that market officials were cautioned against any fire outbreaks a year ago because they would be disastrous.

No one can claim to be a market nut today, the association secretary pointed out, since the fire service informed them three times in a row and they did nothing about it.

He stated that they discussed: “Expired fire extinguishers, broken sprinklers, smoke detectors that couldn’t detect smoke before it was covered up, the pumping machine that was supposed to pump water for the fire extinguishing and then for the sprinklers that was faulty that they should work on it, they spoke about it all and they did nothing about it all. The pressure compressor didn’t turn on for 15 minutes after the fire began. The sprinklers didn’t commence operating for another thirty minutes. What are they talking about since there wasn’t even a single alert warning us that a fire was approaching?

The association questions why the management and directors are still in their current roles given that they have allegedly been ineffective at their jobs.

They ought to have quit by this point. We’re taken aback. Is it possible that they lack shame? It eludes me. Why do they still work there? We are pleading with the upper officials to let them go since they should have left by now. They cannot simply complete the task. They said, “Let them go so that new hands can come in.”

The organization also disputed the account of the recent fire inquiry, which indicated that a lady was cooking at the time of the fire.


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