Set up a bipartisan committee to investigate Ashaiman military brutalities – MP to gov’t

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Mr. Ernest Norgbe, the member of parliament for Ashaiman, has requested that a nonpartisan committee in Parliament look into the abuse of his people by Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) soldiers.

On March 7, 2023, soldiers who are thought to have arrived from Michel and Burma Camp stormed Taifa, where the soldier was slain, and began abusing the locals.

Later, 184 people were detained and taken to a jail in Burma, where they were subjected to more abuse.

After the police service’s intelligence-led investigation apprehended the actual suspects who were hiding in Ashaiman, these citizens were freed.

But the six suspected people who were detained in association with the murder of a 21-year-old soldier named Imoro Sherif in Ashaiman on March 4, 2023, have all been remanded, according to the Circuit Court there.

The legislator requested from the government to either issue a statement or form a committee of inquiries to look into the military action that took place in his region while speaking to the media.

“When declarations are made, they won’t continue with such behavior. I am requesting a consensus strategy in parliament because of this. If not, a group—whether it be a committee or a commission of inquiry—should be established so that decisions can be made about these issues” Norgbey stated.

The Ashaiman MP added “My goal is to ensure that this type of incursion, a grave offense against humanity, is stopped. in particular when the military will attack a town, torture citizens, etc. I believe it ought to be a relic of the past”.


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