Social family attacks: Asona Asenkye Family of Diaso calls for government’s intervention to restore peace

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Diaso’s Asona Asenkye Family is pleading with the government, in particular the Ministry of Interior, to act quickly to bring peace to Diaso. Diaso is located in the Upper Denkyira West District of the Central Region.

They firmly feel that the situation might develop into retaliatory assaults that could result in fatalities if the pertinent governmental institutions do not act immediately.

They say that for many years without cause, they have been the target of unjustified attacks from a competing claimant of the Diaso Stool.

At a press conference to lay bare their grievances at Diaso, they accused the District Chief Executive (DCE), Mr. Richmond Kodua of looking on as members of the Asona Asenkye Family suffer unprovoked attacks.

Nana Yitta Amoako II, the Chief of Diaso who addressed the media, said despite being confirmed as the legitimate chief of Diaso by the National House of Chiefs, the Assembly consistently recognised one Nana Agyaa Ameyaw as chief of Diaso.

He alleged that the DCE’s persistent engagement of Nana Ameyaw (now deceased) as chief of Diaso stemmed from the fact that the DCE’s father, Mr. Albert Kodua had been fronting for his illegitimate claim of the stool.

The support of the Assembly and the District Police Command, he said, had emboldened them to attack family members of Asona Asenkye in Diaso with impunity.

Nana Amoako said that after reporting many attacks on his family members to the District Security Committee (DISEC), nothing was done to stop more assaults.

The chief who also serves as the Adontenhene of the Denkyira Traditional Area is certain that some unnamed members of the Traditional Council have been aiding his competitors in their efforts to sow discord in Diaso in order to further their own narrow interests.

He said that Ghana’s adherence to the rule of law had prevented him and his people from retaliating for the years-long barrage of assaults.

He did, however, issue a warning that if the situation persisted without the offenders being caught, they could be obliged to defend themselves, which might have terrible results.

“We have tolerated these people for far too long but the Police and DISEC who are mandated to maintain peace in Diaso have taken sides in the matter,” he alleged.

He said because the father of the DCE had been deeply involved in the disturbances, no perpetrator had been brought to book despite unlawfully wielding guns in broad day light.

In response to the DCE’s interference in chieftaincy concerns, Nana Amoako told the media that he had petitioned the Chief of Staff at Jubilee House, the Interior Minister, and the Local Government Minister.

The petition, which was made accessible to the media, also demands that the DCE be disciplined for endangering Diaso security in his capacity as the head of DISEC.

The Asona Asenkye Family gathered to the Palace to support their leader as he spoke to the media while wearing red and black clothing to show their opposition to the events in Diaso.

To show their unwavering support for the chief’s rule and their willingness to thwart any attempts to discredit him as the chief of Diaso, they performed battle songs and referred to him by honorific terms.



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