Stop idea of building 275 constituency offices for MPs-Mahama to President

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To prevent the nation from imploding, former president John Dramani Mahama has advised president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the NPP government to take some thrifty measures.

The president has to reconsider his decision to construct about 275 offices for Members of Parliament (MPs) in the various constituencies across the nation, according to the former president.

He emphasized that given the current financial situation, this project might not be prudent.

He rather suggested offices be made available to the MPs in the various District Assembly offices across the country.

In order to reduce costs at this time, he also offered that the government make some government bungalows available for the MPs to use as offices.

He claimed that if the government insolently insists on building the offices from the ground up, the cost of construction will be significantly higher.

On Thursday, October 27, 2022, at the University of Professional Studies in Accra, the former president delivered this advice to the administration in the midst of the economic catastrophe.

“Building offices for MPs may sound prudent and politically sound but that’s not what the country needs at this juncture,” Mahama stated.

“To be clear, we are in this mess because an untouchable finance minister, relying on his Databank workers, and neglecting the advice of seasoned experts at the Finance Ministry, has been left to run this economy into the ground.” Mr Mahama added.

“We are in this mess because a so-called ‘solid economic management team’, over the last few years, has been unable to call the president’s cousin to order when he embarked on a reckless borrowing spree, indiscriminate closure of indigenous banks and financial institutions, and a creative presentation of economic statistics to make our situation look rosier than the reality,” Mahama alleged.

“We are in this mess because we have a president who fails to take responsibility and has instead left the nation on autopilot in the hands of bungling ministers who he describes as ‘excellent’,” he enhanced.

“The president is on record as having declared the current economic mess is not his fault,” he recalled from last December.

For emphasis, he added, “Ghana has been treated like an experimental playground and a family heirloom. The biggest blame for the current tragic situation with our economy lies with the very people who are responsible with managing the country—not with the pandemic, not with the war.

And I’m sorry to report, this could have all been avoided. I still firmly believe that things could have turned out differently, and they could have,” he added.


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