The strike will continue until our other demands are satisfied-University Senior Staff

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The Senior Staff Association of Universities of Ghana claims that even if the government has agreed to pay the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA), some other unresolved labor disputes will prevent its workers from ending the strike.

It listed contractual obligations and the failure to pay tier 2 pension arrears as reasons why their industrial action is still in full force.

This follows the labor unions’ decision to call off their strike after the government announced plans to pay the allowance at a 15% rate.

However, the senior staff association, which was one of the organizations calling for the allowance, has yet to end its strike due to subsequent issues.

The association’s national chairman, Isaac Donor, told the media that if these requests are not honored, they will not start working again.

“There are a number of reasons why we went on strike.

We have received the COLA, which was merely one of the concerns, but there are still others that need to be resolved.

Our Tier 2 pension has been in place for ten solid years.

Additionally, there are problems with appointment information.

Since this is against labor law, we want the government to regularize the appointment of our six-year-old casual employees who work at the institution.

He also hoped that discussions with the administration would be beneficial and lead to a long-term resolution of their complaints.

“We are ready for engagements because now that the COLA tension is down, we are praying that they will call us”, he emphasized.

The Senior Staff Association’s decision to keep the strike going uninterrupted, however, is said to lack justification by the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission.

In response, Ing. Bernard Arthur, the Chief Executive Officer of the Commission, stated that the government is still in contact with the union over other issues and that it is baffling why the association won’t end its strike.

“You went on strike about COLA, and when it has been resolved, you bring up a new problem and claim that the government team has not yet met with you.

What is the purpose of the strike because we have already met them?

It is incorrect to claim that the government is not interacting with them. The government is attempting to allay the labor unions’ worries. What caused them to leave the negotiation table?


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