To combat galamsey, the NPP and NDC must work together – Mahama

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Awudu Mahama, managing editor of the Custodian Newspaper, asserts that Ghana can only triumph in its battle against galamsey if the two main political parties adopt a common stance on the threat.

He described galamsey as a “complicated domain” that predominantly benefits politicians from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC).

He claims that the NDC is silent about the galamsey threat when it is in power, whereas the NPP becomes a vocal opponent of it when they are out of office.

“The NPP and NDC are not working together to address the galamsey menace, hence it continues to be a problem.

When party A is in opposition, it makes every effort to win over voters in galamsey areas by promising them unrestricted freedom to mine; yet, once in power, they often fight them, and the opposite is also true.

The NPP and NDC must work together to find a solution if we are to truly battle and defeat galamsey.

This will work if they’re both devoted, he assured Samuel Eshun on the Happy Morning Show, which monitored.

Awudu Mahama asserted that the only way to safeguard Ghana’s water and land resources is through a joint effort by both parties that avoids finger-pointing.

“To solve the problems in Galamsey, we need the cooperation of these groups.

If we are to succeed in our fight against Galamsey, both the NPP and the NDC must work together, he emphasized.


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