Violence during voter registration indicates a danger for the December elections – Peace Council

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The National Peace Council has emphasized how important it is to minimize the isolated incidents of violence that have been seen at a few locations during the ongoing limited voter registration exercise.

They stress that ignoring these instances might have a domino effect and jeopardize the credibility of the elections scheduled on December 7.

“For us at the Peace Council, whenever an issue like that comes up, like the one that happened, unfortunately, at some part of the Ashanti Region, are early warning signs, you do not downgrade them,” said George Amoh, the Executive Secretary, in an interview with Citi News.

“You have to carefully assess the potential they have to affect the elections in December. They are signs that we have to sit up but they are not signs to discourage us,” he stated.

In order to guarantee that more eligible voters have their names registered, Mr. Amoh further asked the Electoral Commission to take full advantage of all available avenues.

This follows the Electoral Commission’s (EC) declaration that the violence that has typified the limited voter registration process warrants the use of the Ghana Card as the only form of identification for registration.

The panel claims to have witnessed acts of violence at certain centers related to concerns raised by registrants’ ages and nationalities.

However, the commission feels that if the Ghana Card had been the only document used for registration, these kinds of instances would have been prevented.

Speaking to Citi News, the council’s executive secretary, George Amoh, emphasized the significance of taking advantage of current possibilities to register as many eligible voters as possible who are not currently registered.

“What we should be concerned about is how we can contain how we can allow for spillover or not spread in order that we cannot contain it. So, I would like to encourage the Electoral Commission to continue with the processes that it has laid down for all these years to ensure that they get the right people, I mean those who are supposed to be on the register. None should be disenfranchised because of somebody’s issue.

“So, we must maximise the opportunities that we have to get as many people who are yet to be on the register to be on the register. I think that should be the approach of the EC,” Mr Amoh added.


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