Wassa Amenfi East MP calls on Journalists to be professional in their reportage

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Hon. Nicholas Amankwah, the Member of Parliament(MP) for Wassa Amenfi East, has advised journalists in Wassa Amenfi in the Western region and throughout Ghana to not overlook the significance of objectivity, professionalism, and other journalistic ethics.

He claimed that the principles of journalism required practitioners to uphold professionalism, ethics, and objectivity while urging the public to get information that is fair, truthful, and factual.

Over the weekends, Hon. Nicholas Amankwah spoke at the WAJA’s (Wassa Amenfi Journalist Association) official launch in Wassa Akropong.

The MP, known as “Home Boy,” advised professionals to steer clear of sensational and imbalanced reporting because it had a propensity to give the three Amenfi enclaves a bad reputation among outsiders and scared away potential investors and tourists.

In order to do this, the MP took advantage of the occasion to caution Wassa Amenfi Journalists Association members to promote a positive perception of the region and its notable figures.

Speaking to the durbar, the MP noted that while some journalists still think that their job entails using extortion and making up tales about their hometowns or other areas of coverage, journalism also involves holding public officials accountable and bringing attention to social problems.

He believes, it’s important to tell a positive stories from their community that can attract among other things the investment and tourism to boost the local economy.

Nicholas Amankwah gave an assurance that his office as a member of Parliament is very committed to supporting and doing a number of things to ensure that the media which is the fourth arm of government works free and effectively in Wassa Amenfi.

He urged journalists to carefully check their facts before releasing reports rather than rushing to do so.

Prior to the 2024 elections, Mr. Nicholas Amankwah argued that the media should promote harmony and peace among people rather than encouraging animosity and egotism.

The legislator stated that instability, conflicts, and animosity among people have been caused by the use of the media for propaganda, egotism, hate speeches, and tribalism, and that this situation must be stopped.

Source: Ghanatodayonline.com/Kaakyire Kwasi Afari

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