Whistleblower helped in arrest of Aisha Huang

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Aisha Huang, a Chinese “galamsey queen,” is claimed to have had her cover blown by a Ghanaian landlord after she returned to Ghana.

She is alleged to have intimidated the landlord for renting the property to another occupant while her rent was still in effect.

This information was disclosed by Michael Kwadwo Peprah, president of the Concerned Small Scale Miners Association, in an interview on the Ghanatodayonline.com-monitored Dwabrem program on Otec FM today.

He added that once Miss Huang was deported, the landlord obtained a court order, had her possessions removed from the home, and then rented it out to another Chinese resident.

But according to Mr. Peprah, when she entered illegally, she felt deceived and resorted to making threats.

He claimed that the renter, who felt like his life and the landlord’s were in danger, traveled to Accra to report the incident formally to the police, which resulted in Miss Huang’s detention.

The small-scale miner said that if it weren’t for this, the “galamsey queen” would still be operating her alleged illicit business out of Ghana.

The police were able to detain Ms. Huang, Mr. Peprah continued, because the landlord is also a very powerful individual in Ghana.

Source: Ghanatodayonline.com


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