You can go to court over fee increment – UG Pro VC to Students

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The administration of the University of Ghana has dared anyone who believes that its increased fees are unlawful to sue.

Professor Gordon Awandare, the pro vice chancellor of the UG, defended the raise by stating that the institution is prepared to take anyone who disagrees with it to court.

He claims that the institution won’t tolerate any unjustified accusations.

“To go on air and start talking about illegal increase and all that, that is a complete approach for any student to take because there is nothing illegal, if you feel there is an illegality, the court is there, we will meet you there,” he said.

Recall that Parliament recently authorized a 15% increase in university fees over the prior academic year.

As a result, some colleges have announced preliminary tuition with unusually large percentage increases for the upcoming academic year.

Both present and former students have voiced opposition to the most recent 15% raise that Parliament authorized.

But the University of Ghana has received particular criticism for reportedly exceeding the 15% benchmark with what it claims to be a 5% backlog.

Dennis Larbie, the president of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), also criticized the action as unjust.

To “make it more palatable for students,” according to Prof. Awandare, the institution is prepared to entertain an appeal about the tuition increase.

“If there is a request that we examine ways to lessen the blow, we will do so.

When our SRC met with us, they made some of these pitches, particularly for paying fees and participating in certain special programs, and we responded to some of them, he added.

In the meantime, in response to a petition by disgruntled students, the Ministry of Education has called a meeting with the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) and administration of the public institutions on Thursday to discuss the concerns over the fees.

Read the letter from GTEC below:


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