Your new exam directives contradict your Modus operandi- Coalition of National Youth Organizers to General Legal Council

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The Ghana General Legal Council sent what the Coalition of National Youth Organizers refers to as the “most absurd exam guidelines in the history of our legal education” to applicants for admission to the Ghana School of Law.

The General Legal Council’s (GLC) directives, which mandate that test takers who want to take the Law School Entrance Examination sign an agreement waiving their right to challenge potential marking, contest results, and other challenges resulting from the examinations, undermine the original intent behind the GLC’s creation.

The Mission Statement of the General Legal Council states that, “The General legal Council exists to ensure fair and efficient operation of legal education through improved human and institutional capacity. The Council aims at securing the public interest, a legal profession with the highest standard in the practice of law in Ghana”

It is clear from the aforementioned statement that the General Council has forgotten its modus operandi.

Once more, how can students who are meant to make a living by questioning the current quo be expected to muzzle while still becoming competent lawyers? statement signed by General Secretary of the coalition Osei Kofi Acquah quizzed.

How are students who will make their living through litigation expected to follow a “Take it or leave it” policy and become competent attorneys?

Every person who feels “shortchanged” deserves justice, which is the main goal of legal research and practice.

Therefore, we are requesting that the Ghanaian Parliament and President convene the General Legal Council to promptly reverse these unacceptable directives.

Read the statement below:


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