25th Anniversary of Nene Sakite: VP Bawumia commends Manya Krobo Traditional Area for upholding tradition

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The Manya Krobo Traditional Area’s Chiefs and residents have received praise from Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia for sustaining their rich heritage and custom over the years.

Speaking at a large durbar held on Friday in Odumase Krobo to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the enstoolment of Nene Sakite II, Paramount Chief of Manya Krobo Traditional Area, Dr. Bawumia noted that one of the functions of the chieftaincy institution is the preservation of culture. He praised Nene Sakite II and his elders for protecting their people’s culture for ongoing benefits.

“The Chieftaincy institution helps to promote peace in society. It ensures stability and development and serves as a unifying force. The chieftaincy institution also brings the people together and helps preserve the culture of the people,” Dr. Bawumia said.

“Celebrating 25 years on the throne as a Paramount Chief or Konor is no mean achievement, especially in ensuring that the past and present traditions did not manifest in only music and dance but in the better lives of the people in the municipality,” added the Vice President.

“Permit me to commend the Manya Krobo Traditional Area for maintaining and safe guarding its cultural heritage. Indeed, Manya Krobo is one of the Traditional Areas in the country that have great cultural attributions. It is needless to say that our tremendous efforts and achievements to date have been greatly influenced by the culture of kindness, hard work, self-determination, unity, common purpose as well as your arts, music and firm traditional values.”

Having served his people for 25 years, Dr. Bawumia commended Nene Sakite II, who is also the President of the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs, for his immense contributions to both his people and beyond.

“It has been an amazing journey for Nene so far, with your imprint firmly stamped on many aspects of life in the Manya Krobo Traditional Area. I am here not just to share in your moment of joy, but to remind us of our common heritage and the spirit of togetherness and unity that binds us all.”

“Your contribution to national development transcends this area. It embraces the entire country. I am proud of your achievement. You have lived and continue to live up to this institution.”

Dr. Bawumia cited Nene Sakite’s accomplishments, which included establishing an educational fund for his people, putting policies in place to stop the spread of HIV, and encouraging peace and prosperity.

“Let me hasten to state that Nene Sakite II’s rule has ensured progress in the region and promoted peace and stability. Development is certain as long as there is stability in the society.

Dr. Bawumia outlined a number of infrastructure projects the government of President Akufo-Addo has developed for the area, including school blocks, health facilities, extension of electricity, among others, while assuring Nene Sakite II of government’s ongoing partnership for additional development.

Source: Ghanatodayonline.com

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