A man allegedly kills his brother over Ghc 10

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Two brothers, Moses Tetteh, 50, and Tetteh Kwaku, 48, were involved in a fatal altercation in Kuano, in the Eastern Region, which resulted in the death of the younger brother, Tetteh Kwaku.

According to reports, the siblings’ argument centered on a missing GH-10, and their bad drinking habits made matters worse.

The two brothers were reportedly enormously drinkers who frequently got into arguments, according to a UTV news story.

Tetteh Kwaku realized his GH10 was missing on one of the days. He assumed right away that Moses, his older brother, had taken it.

Tetteh Kwaku took up a cutlass in response to his suspicions that Moses was the culprit. He claimed that his brother had stolen the cash, which swiftly turned into a physical altercation. Even their parents’ involvement couldn’t cool the argument down.

Tetteh Kwaku used the cutlass he was holding during the altercation to hurt his brother multiple times. Moses seized a nearby fufu pestle out of self-preservation and struck Tetteh Kwaku in the neck and jaw. The fight only came to an end when Tetteh Kwaku lost consciousness.

Tetteh Kwaku was taken directly to the hospital by the witnesses. Tragically, he was already dead when they got there.

Source: Ghanatodayonline.com

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