A suspected armed robber was brutally beaten to pulp

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In Mallam, a neighbourhood in the Greater Accra Region, a suspect in an armed robbery was brutally beaten to pulp.

The information that is becoming available indicates that the alleged robber approached a mobile money agent and attempted to rob her together with one other accomplice.

The two allegedly attacked the agent and took her bag, which included her money and spade, from her, according to an eyewitness.

A gun was pointed at a driver who tried to help the woman, and rounds were fired as a warning.

The two hurried off, but fate had other plans, and their automobile crashed into a store where a woman was selling oranges.

One of the alleged thieves lost his balance and was unable to flee. Young men who witnessed the incident hurried to the establishment and attacked the offender.

He was severely injured and beaten to a pulp. Then, someone phoned the police, who showed there right away.  Several locals have complained that certain motorcycle riders have been stealing their stuff at night.

They asserted that carrying valuables when out at night in the area poses a risk since you might be attacked and have your possessions taken from you.

Source: Ghanatodayonline.com

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