Adisadel dismisses student who assault junior in viral video

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A student who was seen on a widely circulated video attacking a junior in a dorm was immediately dismissed from Adisadel College, according to the school’s announcement.


The offender, a final-year student, will be outright dismissed and will only write his final examinations through the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), according to a statement shared on the school’s Twitter account.


The Ghana Education Service and the school’s board of governors will make the final decision regarding the dismissal, according to the institution.


The incident occurred on June 30, 2023, in Quaque House, despite the fact that the video only recently became widely available.

The senior holds the victim from behind and maneuvers him between beds in the aforementioned video before slamming one of the bunk beds in his face.


As other students watch, the area of the face that immediately touched the bed is swelled.


The offending student has been suspended, the person who videotaped the incident and other witnesses who chose not to report it, as well as the house master and his deputy, will all face various degrees of sanctions.


The action was taken after GES issued a statement directing the student’s suspension and requesting that the police be called to the scene because there had been assault.

* Pending final decision of Board of Governors and GES

The incident happened on the 30th of June, 2023 in Quaque house

1. The culprit will be outrightly dismissed and will have to write his exams at WAEC

2. The victim will also be suspended and will write his exams with parental escort.

3. The one who recorded the video will also be suspended externally for one week and also face internal suspension for another week.

4. The other students who were at the scene but did not intervene and also failed to report the incident will also face severe internal punishment.

5. The housemaster and his deputy will also be suspended immediately pending the outcome of the findings by GES.

Read both statements below:


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