Alan Kyerematen promises to change voting pattern in Volta region

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If Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen wins the support of the delegates in the primary, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) flag bearer candidate claims that the voting patterns in the Volta Region would alter dramatically in the party’s favor.

He said that the Volta Region’s residents, whom he referred to as his second family, had a great deal of goodwill for him and that this goodwill will undoubtedly affect the choice of president in the 2024 elections.

In Ho last Thursday, the prospective flag bearer stated, “For the people of the Volta Region, it is a case of bringing Alan and we will have a change of mentality.”

Mr. Kyerematen claimed that although history may not have been on the NPP’s side when it came to the general election in the Volta Region, it was now obvious that Ghana needed a new precedent, necessitating the election of a new leader who would use his credibility with the populace to propel the nation to higher development levels.

“The 2024 general election is very critical in the country’s history, with greater emphasis on a leader who will be the preference of the majority of Ghanaians, and not just a leader of a political party,” Mr Kyerematen stated.

According to Mr. Kyerematen, Ghana would undoubtedly rise again under his Great Transformational Agenda (GTA), which calls for the wise and prompt use of the country’s resources to generate riches for the people.

He gave the examples of boosting the pharmaceutical and car industries, adding value to the extract from the petro-chemical and bauxite sectors, and increasing the economy of Ghana overall.

He discussed the President’s Special Initiatives (PSIs) on cassava, starch, oil palm, garments and textiles, and industrial salt during the presidency of President Kufuor. He claimed that these PSIs were his idea, and he promised to devote more resources to them in order to generate enormous wealth for the country.

Mr Kyerematen said he introduced those PSIs when Ghana was pursuing the Heavily Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) initiative, and that bore ample testimony to his status as a man of great vision for his country.

On the continental front, he said he was instrumental in bringing the secretariat of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCTA) to Ghana, in a clear display of patriotism and support for continental harmony.

He clarified the economic situation by stating that the national budget was in crisis and that the government was requesting IMF assistance to fix the economy’s flaws and restore it to its pre-COVID levels.

Furthermore, he stated that another goal of his GTA was to prevent Ghana from approaching the IMF after the country’s economy had recovered.

Mr. Kyerematen had earlier visited the Ho Central Market, where the vendors gave him a hearty welcome.

In front of raucous applause from the traders, the Market Queen, Rejoice Novixoxo, addressed the would-be flag bearer, “We have accepted you totally.”

As part of his tour to the Volta Regional capital, Mr. Kyerematen also had a private discussion with local priests.


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