Be part of the solution not the problem – Concerned Patriot to Prof. Gyampo

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In my article on government’s planned construction of a national place of worship, the National Cathedral, I alluded my reason in support of the argument to a research finding, from a credible source, that the world was heading for an inevitable Depression and Hopelessness amongst its inhabitants due, mainly, to repercussions from lockdowns imposed by governments during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, and subsequent losses suffered by many businesses the world over. Some recent findings by International Labour Organisation has also envisaged a further rise in global unemployment rate amidst rising cost of living.

When these mingle with rising cost of fuel due partly to currency (Ghana Cedi) instability against the major trading currencies and Russia’s unwarranted/unprovoked aggression on Ukraine, one clearly can soothsay we are not any near the end of this turbulence we find ourselves in globally.

I therefore think if Professor Gyampoh cannot help explain this difficult perspective of current global happenings to ordinary ears of the vulnerable illiterate ghanaian, then he must do well to desist from sharing palpable falsehood amongst same in the name of fighting for them.

I understand Professor Gyampoh is learned enough to know that playing on intelligence of already depressed and hopeless less educated, or uneducated, is nothing praiseworthy of any genius citizen of our dear nation called Ghana.

It looks even more dangerous to capitalize on predictable outcomes, such as we are witnessing globally today (for which Ghana is no exception) to embark on wild speculations, particularly when it only sought to achieve a selfish political ambition… using the people as commodity and their ignorance as a tool.

Let’s remind ourselves, particularly Prof Ransford Gyampoh, that the world requires highest degree of management acumen to deal with emotional intelligence and its control. And that sensationalism cannot help solve anything.

Ghana needs solution seekers not ordinary lamenters.


Agyemang Richard

(Concerned Patriot)


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