Court remands Police Officer for murdering Maa Adwoa at Adum

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Police Inspector Ahmed Twumasi was placed in prison detention by the Asokore Mampong District Court after he reportedly shot and killed his lover at Adum in Kumasi.

Insp. Twumasi would return to court on June 20 and enter no plea to a provisional murder charge.

When Inspector Twumasi, who works at the Manhyia Police Station, arrived before the court, which is presided over by Mr. Samuel Buaben Quansah, he was placed on remand.

As the police raced to remove the suspect from the courtroom following the hearing, a sizable crowd gathered on the court grounds to get a look of him.

Vicky Dapaa, popularly known as Maa Adwoa, was allegedly shot to death by her lover, Insp. Twumasi, and her family to court in a busload.

The family members, who claimed they were seeking justice for the deceased, were dressed in red and black clothing, holding placards one of which read ‘Justice for Maa Adwoa.’

The Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Kofi Blagodzi addressed the Asokore Mampong District Court as the head of legal and prosecution in the Ashanti area.

The accused was then remanded into detention by the court, which was presided over by His Worship Samuel Buabin Quansah.

Inspector Ahmed Twumasi, the defendant, will make a second appearance on June 20, 2023, for the start of the committal process and the issuance of the indictment’s bail.

On April 20, 2023, Inspector Ahmed Twumasi is accused of shooting his 26-year-old girlfriend Victoria Dapaah, also known as Maadwoa, during an argument with the deceased partner.

When the accused person was introduced in court today, there was a significant amount of security there.

The court is crowded with the victim’s family members and friends, many of them are wearing red armbands and apparel.

Upon seeing the accused arrive, the enraged relatives rushed over while sobbing and wailing, trying to get hold of him.

Before entering the courtroom, everyone present, including the victim’s friends and family, underwent a rigorous search.

The presiding judge told the agitated relatives to maintain their composure since the Attorney General and the court would ensure that the issue was decided quickly.

After the court hearings, ACP Kofi Blagodzi, the head of legal and prosecution, addressed the media and urged the family member to display restraint so that the court could carry out its duties.

Some victims’ family members expressed gratitude for the case’s quick resolution.


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