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Dr. Clement Clinton Blay, the executive director of the Shaip Africa Foundation, has urged the government to set up a fund for public health and medical emergencies right away to help pay for the treatment of grave conditions like cancer chemotherapy, major surgeries, and many other medical emergencies.

According to the doctor of pharmacy, Mr. Clement Clinton Blay, it can be risky and unsettling to witness parents pleading for money to pay for their hospital bills before having surgery or attending to medical issues while their sick children are on the radio, television, and in the hot sun on the streets.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, Dr. Blay lamented that these kids will likely experience extreme hardship, including violence and a lack of medical treatment.

He claims that taking care of a child who has a serious illness may be physically and emotionally taxing for parents and siblings.

Along with managing their financial demands and the impact a protracted sickness might have on the entire family, these stranded parents also worry about the physical difficulties, medical requirements, and financial repercussions.

According to the Human Rights Advocacy organization, the fund had to be established immediately due to the catastrophic effects of this sickness, taking into account the serious health effects it had on children’s wellness.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Clement Clinton Blay, a doctor of pharmacy, asserts that it is past time for the government to establish a special emergency fund for problems like emergency response, among other things.

He claims that the absence of such an emergency fund has led to several shortcomings in Ghana’s emergency response system as well as unnecessary fatalities.

According to Clement C. Blay, many people in Ghana pass away in hospitals as a result of their inability to obtain the necessary funds to cover the exorbitant expense of their treatments for cancer, head and spinal injuries, and other illnesses.

He said that if the nation had an emergency response budget specifically for funding the emergency response service, the disaster might have been completely averted.

The human Right convenor stated that, it’s important the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) reforms to cover diseases that required major medical surgery rather than inconsequential diseases such as, malaria, which many of the patients could afford to pay for its treatment.

“So i think that this is the time for the country to rally behind the ministry of health and the government to really come out with proper reforms on the health insurance scheme to pay for all or some percentage for emergency health finances” he told journalist.

In addition to help from business entities and donor organizations, he continued, “Charging 1 Ghana cedi per at least 2 million tax payers can earn 2 million Ghana cedis per month.”

Finally, he appealed to organizations that support children’s rights, including Child Right International, UNESCO, and all other child rights activists, to join him in pressuring the government to create the health emergency fund.

Source: Kaakyire Kwasi Afari

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