Despite difficulties, government hasn’t defaulted on paying salaries -Dr Gideon Boako

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Ghanaians shouldn’t despair over the state of the country’s economy, according to Dr. Gideon Boako, Technical Advisor and vice president’s spokesperson.

Dr. Gideion Boako asserts that despite the country’s many difficulties, it is not on the verge of disintegrating.

The Veep Spokesperson gave the populace assurances during the morning show “Kokrokoo” on Peace FM by noting, “The government has never missed a salary payment despite the challenges.

In spite of the challenges, the government has not introduced any policies that state, “I’m turning back on the policy,” such as Free SHS or anything else. In my opinion, this is the assurance that this government has provided to the Ghanaian people that, despite the challenges, we are still managing the situations “.

He urged Ghanaians not to give up, saying their situation was much better than that of other nations.”Today, every Ghanaian knows that yes, there are challenges but at least he/she gets electricity when he/she goes home. Yes, there are challenges but they don’t queue before they buy fuel because it is so disheartening that you have money but can’t get fuel. It will be a problem . . . Although there are challenges, I think God has been good to us that, in Ghana, we are not seeing the economic challenges like hunger strike and so forth here.

“Yes, market pricing for commodities have increased.

Prices for plantains, kenkeys, and cassava are high, but the good news is that those who are looking for plantains or cassava obtain some, which I consider to be positive.

Given the availability of food, we then seek to lower the cost of it while also ensuring that things don’t get worse to the point that someone with money can’t afford to buy what they need to eat.

So, although there is still potential for improvement, in my opinion, things are not that awful “He stressed.

The government is on pace to ensuring a strong recovery of the economy, Dr. Boako continued.

“We admit the challenges but we know we are equally capable of facing the challenges,” he indicated.


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