Edem Agbena can’t bring a good man down Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu is too tough a match for you-Concerned Patriot

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I sometimes ponder why somebody with a profound motive would try to pull down a nice man.

I would want to offer some guidance in light of Edem Agbena’s outburst against NHIA CEO Dr. Bernard Oko Boye on the Authority’s alleged sponsorship deal with recently promoted Premier League team Nsoatreman FC, which I feel to be extremely reprehensible.

What seems even more repugnant is Edem’s attempt to enlist Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu, the majority leader and MP for Suame, to add a dash of salt to his “politically made streetism.”

I’ll try to address Mr. Edem’s issues one at a time for the benefit of my readers:

He first questioned how a financially strangling Scheme (NHIA) could finance a privately-owned football team.

Mr. Agbena, a quick meeting with marketing professionals would have given you ample knowledge on how every significant company, public or private, increases its market share through sponsorship.

Please be aware that the agreement between the Scheme and Nsuatreman may offer a two-way benefit strategy that will ultimately aim to end the financial suffocation you seemed concerned about.

A nation’s direct and indirect health benefits from football.

Governments spend more on games because of this, even if they are aware that the direct financial rewards may not be as high.

The Scheme’s use of the sport as a marketing tool, apart from selling their brand name to increase subscription, and rake in more dividends, would also build-up happiness index of the country which eventually reduces health risk and thus relief the Scheme of higher claims. Therefore, a simple cost/benefit analysis would tell you it is more of a win/win situation than a scandal

Secondly, you alluded the qualification of Nsuatreman FC to its association with the two Members of Parliament, Hon Ignatius Baffour Awuah and Hon. Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu, but not based on any merit of the Club. That is most an unfair statement. Isn’t it?

Well Mr. Edem, the last time I checked with the GFA, I established that qualifications to the Ghana Premier League was neither by an Authority Note from the Parliament of Ghana nor by a Note Verbal from the State Protocols Department. It was done through competitive games played amongst teams each of which had equally wanted to be promoted. Your allegation therefore dwells on miserable side of wisdom (particularly thinking about the huge number of compromises one would have to engage in to make this work). If your assertion is anything to go by, you should then be disappointed in your (NDC) Members of Parliament for not inundating the premiership with their teams during your party’s 8year adhoc rule through the same means.

Mr. Edem, Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu may not have written to Nsuatreman FC for its Board Chairmanship position. At best, it must be the management of the team which, upon consideration of many factors, would have approach him to help with expertise, network, wisdom and knowledge. And if accepting a noble call to help promote the good image of Ghana’s game is a scandal to you, that is your own case.

At a time when Ghanaians are clamouring for employment , one would have expected Edem to have congratulated the two for not deciding to hide their investments in foreign accounts, but have joined hands to invest in the youth through sports. For you to tow a political lines of ‘Constant Destruction’ smacks more of envy rather than concern.

Better sit up.

Agyemang Richard

(Concerned Patriot)

Source: Ghanatodayonline.com

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