Gabon coup leader General Brice Nguema sworn in as president

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The interim president of Gabon, Brice Nguema, has being sworn in.

He is the head of the country’s military junta.

Ali Bongo was overthrown by General Nguema last Wednesday, just after he had been declared the victor of a disputed election.

The general has some popular backing; upon his inauguration, large groups of applauding citizens attended.

There are worries that Gen Nguema’s administration would extend the 55-year Bongo dynasty.

Before passing away in 2009 and being succeeded by his son, Omar Bongo ruled for 41 years.

The general, who is rumored to be Ali Bongo’s cousin, spent the majority of his career hanging out with the Bongo family.

They also caution against expecting the military to cede control very soon.

The inauguration on Monday, the most recent in a string of coups across West and Central Africa, is anticipated to be attended by sympathizers of the military regime.

As the former colonial power France battles to maintain its sway on the continent, Gabon is the sixth country in the Francophone world to be placed under military rule in the last three years.

Following the coup, which has been denounced by the UN and France, Gabon has been expelled from the African Union.

The 69-year-old Ondo, a former government minister and university professor, is claimed to be the legitimate victor of the August 26 election by Gabon’s major opposition party, Alternance 2023.

Alternance 2023 pleaded with the world on Friday to ask the junta to give Ondo the reins of power.

Last Monday, the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) and the African Union called for a swift restoration of constitutional order.

Following the coup, which the United Nations and France have denounced, Gabon was expelled from the African Union. If the coup leaders do not reinstate constitutional order, the AU threatened to put additional penalties on them.

Ali Bongo, who assumed control in 2009 after his father Omar, who had ruled the nation of central Africa since 1967, passed away, is succeeded by the interim leader. Omar had been in that position since 1967.

The family allegedly dominated Gabon with an iron fist and seized the majority of its wealth, according to the opposition.

The general promised to be open in his leadership and give an account of his stewardship.


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