Galamsey fight: Government deploys Navy Personnel to halt galamsey activities on river bodies

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A naval platoon has been sent out by the government to protect the Ankobra and Offin rivers against illicit miners.

The action is meant to support a recent operation the Ghana Armed Forces’ Operation Halt Two team undertook to stop mining activities near bodies of water.

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources has reiterated the Government’s commitment to putting a stop to unlawful mining operations, particularly near waterways.

The Minerals Commission’s relevant offices can offer assistance to anyone interested in learning more about small-scale mining, according to the Ministry.

The Ministry stated that the Minerals Commission was prepared to help interested parties with the distribution of mercury-free equipment as well as the selection of locations for small-scale mining.

The Ministry of Lands and Resources has issued a public relations update warning that security authorities will act harshly with anyone found to have engaged in illicit small-scale mining, also known as “Galamsey.”

The statement went on to say that the officers’ deployment came as a result of the Minerals Commission and Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources’ determination to strengthen water body protection in response to recent viral footage of galamsey operations on the Offin River.

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