Gamesters reject increased 10% charge on winning bets

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Bettors are complaining about the government’s proposal to tax lottery and sports bets.

The government levied taxes on winnings from the lottery, sports betting, and gambling as part of efforts to generate more cash for the nation.

Several local gamers claim that the government’s action is an effort to keep them from peacefully celebrating their victories.

They encouraged the government to rethink its plans to deduct a 10% withholding tax at the moment of payout from winners in lotteries, sports betting, and other games of chance in an interview with OTECNews.

If I should win one day and then 10% is subtracted, it truly implies that I have lost because I may lose all of my bets in a year.

“To be honest, it is unfair. Taking away 10% of my bet wins is not a good idea because we are suffering because the system is not any better, another person commented.

“This idea of taxing our fortunes in betting is not in our interest,” said one of the gamblers. We can’t afford to lose 10% of our victories.


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