Ghana needs new Chief Justice to repair perception of Supreme Court being ‘Unanimous FC’- Mahama

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Mahama worries that the perception of the Supreme Court as a “Unanimous FC” poses a threat to democracy.

The National Democratic Congress’s (NDC) 2020 presidential candidate and former president John Dramani Mahama has issued a warning against the pervasive idea that the judiciary is politically biased.

He contends that the judiciary, especially the supreme court, must act immediately to restore public faith in its decisions and, in doing so, preserve the nation’s democracy.

At a conference of NDC lawyers over the weekend, Mahama emphasized the importance of public trust in the judiciary since it has a significant impact on the security of the state.

“Our judiciary’s reputation has suffered such a severe setback that many of our citizens openly criticize our legal system and our justices.

These days, rather than evoking the expectation of receiving genuine justice, the phrase “go to court” is welcomed with mocking laughter.

If people aren’t making jokes about how politics and inducements are being used to influence the outcome of justice in lower courts, he continued, “then they are making jokes and remarks about the 7-0 of the ‘Unanimous FC’.”

The phrase “Unanimous FC” refers to Supreme Court decisions, particularly when the justices of the court dismiss political cases before them as a whole, as in the petition about the 2020 elections.

Mahama emphasizes that this impression of the supreme courts as being mocked is “a sad development.

When voters believe their judiciary has no value for them, any democracy faces one of the most terrifying existential threats, he continued.

Mahama added that a new Chief Justice should take on the job of repairing the judiciary’s existing damage and working to improve its damaged reputation.


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