Government lifts moratorium on new LPG station construction

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The government has revoked the country’s ban on the development of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) stations.

This follows a strike by gas tanker drivers and LPG marketing companies that caused a nationwide shortage of gas for residential and commercial use.

A major factor in their walkout, in addition to their unfavorable working circumstances, was the nationwide ban on the establishment of petrol stations.
They vowed to delay going back to work until their complaints were resolved.

The National Petroleum Authority, on behalf of the government, has stated that “Cabinet has approved a special permission to allow the completion of the building of stranded LPG stations across the country,” three days into the strike.

All Oil Marketing Firms and LPG companies have been requested by the NPA to start the procedures for obtaining authorisation to continue their building activity.The statement said, “Therefore, we are recommending that all OMCs/LPGMCs who were affected by this instruction resubmit their applications to the Authority.”


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