GWCL to shut down operation over galamsey activities

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The illicit mining (galamsey) operations in the Western Region, according to Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), make it difficult to produce water every day.

According to GWCL, the region was utilizing 20 gallons of alums per day to treat water, but that number has now increased to 60 gallons per day due to the region’s water bodies’ poor quality as a result of galamsey activities.

The Central and Western Regional Communications Manager for GWCL, Nana Yaw Baanie, stated that “the situation is truly becoming worse” and that “immediate steps must be made to rescue the situation” on the Morning Starr with Francis Abban on Monday, which was monitoring.

He asserted that the area’s water bodies should be clear by now if illicit mining operations had truly ceased, but this is not the case.

“The color is over 9,000NTU and the turbidity is 3,000, so Ghana Water will have to deal with this,” the manager said.

In order to make the water potable, we must lower these numbers to five.

That is the instruction that was provided to us. This is our story, specifically from Takoradi Daboase, where we get our water from the Pra.

“If there should be anything that can be done it must be done now and it must be drastic. Recently, my boss Stanley Mantey said a time will come when Ghana Water Company will cease operation, yes. It may be coming very soon but we don’t know when,” Mr. Baanie stated.

Because what do we do if the water becomes untreatable at some point, he continued?

Can you envision what will happen in Sekondi Takoradi if we cease operating for even one day?

We have a sizable hospital in Effia Nkwanta; where will they receive water if we have to suspend operations?

What will happen to the universities and the second cycle schools if we cease operations?

He claimed that before the ban on galamsey was declared, the galamseyers were active at the GWCL operation site at Daboase.

He asserted that, despite a nationwide campaign to combat the threat, their investigation demonstrates that the galamsey activities are still taking place.


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