It is impossible to register eligible people before the deadline for SIM card re-registration- NIA

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The National Identification Authority (NIA) never anticipated that eligible individuals would be registered in time for the SIM card re-registration deadline.

There are still roughly two million people who need to be registered who are 15 or older, according to the NIA Executive Secretary, Prof. Kenneth Attafuah.

Physically speaking, it is not conceivable.

“We had said way back in March that it was impossible. I have said it is like expecting a maiden to make a baby every three months,” he added during a press conference on Friday.

“That is not how the physical and logistical system has been designed to respond. We cannot do that.”

Prof. Attafuah added that when the National Communications Authority set dates for the re-registration of SIM cards, it did so with full knowledge of these restrictions.

However, he claimed that he had no influence over such things.

The NIA is not authorized to offer guidance on that, according to Prof. Attafuah.

But I have it on good authority that we have been actively communicating with the Minister of Communications and Digitalization as well as the National Communications Authority since last year.

After September 30, people whose SIM cards are not reregistered as instructed will have them blocked.

On July 31, the window for SIM card re-registration was extended; nevertheless, a month following the extension, the number of people who visited the offices of the network service providers to register their SIMs fell by 98%.


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