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The Executive Secretary of Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement Ghana (ADAM-GH) Mr. Azubila Emmanuel Abdul-Salam has accuse the NDC of being a cowardly political party that only takes the necessary steps to show the Electoral Commission (EC) that Ghana is our own and that nobody has the right to take away the people’s property while claiming to have radical national executives who are good at holding press conferences on demand.

How is it possible for a radical National Chairman to just call a news conference, protest about treatment of his party members and Ghanaians, and then decide immediately following that press conference to depart the country the next day for India?

What about that trip is so crucial that the National Chairman can not wait to act radical and ensure that every Ghanaian has received their cards before leaving?

How would the radical National Chairman lead his party to victory in 2024 if his party’s supporters and Ghanaians are unable to register when he returns from India?

After the registration process, does the extreme National Chairman want to return and convene another press conference?

Such behaviors may lead some to believe that there are inside adversaries working to prevent JM’s triumph in 2024 and to support the NPP breaking the 8.

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Azubila Emmanuel Abdul-Salam writes:


Dr. Serenuor Quaicoo said the  “EC do not intend to capture everybody in this limited registration exercise”.

The question is who did the EC intend to disenfranchise?

I Azubila  will blame the NDC for being a coward Political party claiming to have radical National Executives who are only good in call press conference and who becomes running mate without taking key interest and the necessary action to let the EC understand that Ghana is our own and no one can deprive us what belongs to the people.

How can a radical National Chairman merely call a press conference and complain about injustice meted out against his party members and Ghanaians and right after that press conference decide to leave the country the following day to India?.

What is so important about that trip that the National Chairman can not wait and exhibit his radicality  to make sure every Ghanaian has gotten their cards before he travels?

When the radical National Chairman returns from India and his party members and Ghanaians are not able to register, how is going to lead his party to victory in 2024?

Or the radical National Chairman wants to return and call a press conference again after the registration exercise?

Such actions can make people think there are internal enemies against JM victory in 2024 and  in favor of the NPP breaking the 8.

Any serious opposition Political party would have staged a serious protest across the EC district offices, in fact Jean Mensah, Serenuor , Bossman Asare with their belligerent attitude would have run away until the right thing is done.

I don’t think this crop of our current NDC National executives can lead JM to victory in 2024 with this cowardly lifestyle.

The Flag BEARER himself is all over calling for party people to go out and register and the Radical national Chairman is cooling off in India for almost the next 2 weeks.

Problems all over the country, Greater Accra Regional Executives sitting on tenterhooks with their Regional Chairman to the disadvantage of the registration exercise in the Region.

Problems in the Upper East, Volta Region all over the country.

Why are we doing this to our former President who is the flag bearer?

The NDC victory in 2024 is based on this very exercise and the NDC is being disadvantaged in this exercise so how do you win 2024 if the people that will be following you in your campaign tour are not voters?

I do not worship positions, I worship leadership with actions.

We must speak the hard truth to ourselves in order to rescue this country.

The NDC party is now full of experts talkatives without action. No proper strategy.

The National Chairman wants to talk to the media, the General Secretary wants to talk to the media and the Communication officer who’s job is the talking also wants to talk.

Now there is a competition in the party.


 Source: Ghanatodayonline.com

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