Since NPP took office, the number of doctors in Ashanti Region has risen by 93% – Simon Osei Mensah

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According to regional minister for the Ashanti region Simon Osei Mensah, as part of the present administration’s development agenda, the number of doctors has increased by 93%.

The Minister revealed that there were 103 physicians in the area in 2016. But the number has gone from 103 to 218 doctors, an increase of 93%.

Regarding the topic of nurses, the minister stated that there were 5,936 nurses in the area in 2016.

The number of nurses has climbed to 9,645 nevertheless, an increase of 3,709 or around 62%. In 2016, there were 1,131 midwives, but as of 2018, there are 3,114, an increase of 1,983, or 175 percent.

Simon Osei Mensah stated that the situation has evolved from earlier times when the region had the worst health facilities.

He claimed that the majority of the measures that the region fell short on are within acceptable ranges compared to the goals set by the NPP administration.

He stated that the doctor to population ratio was 1:13,798. It is currently 1:5,529, but the goal is 1:7,500.

You can see that we are comfortably within the objective if you look at this.


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