Stop hiding behind taxes to extort monies from Ghanaians – CPP National Youth Organizer slams gov’t

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Comrade Osei Kofi Acquah, the National Youth Organizer for the Convention Peoples Party and General Secretary of the Coalition of National Youth Organizers, has accused the Nana Akuffo Addo-led government of using taxes as a cover to extract money from Ghanaians.

On his Facebook wall, he posted this.

Why do we have to pay so many taxes? For the first time, Ghanaians are paying a Covid Tax and paying for garbage they did not create because of a condition they do not have (Sanitation levy)

We are paying back a supposedly legacy debt from the energy sector that we as citizens did not enter into (Esla),

For the Financial Sector Clean-up Recovery-levy, add 3.5%.

This implies that (We are bearing the cost of people’s incapacity to run their own banking companies.)

Tax on luxury vehicles. Because they drive fuel-efficient vehicles, they are scrutinized and subject to taxes.

Value-added goods, especially those we purchase from supermarkets, are subject to a 25% tax. How can the government promote industrialization when manufactured goods are subject to such high taxes?

How is their so-called One District One Factory meant to be successful when people won’t buy value-added goods because of the high taxes on them?

Health insurance Levy has increase, even though our hospitals still remain death wards.

As if all these are not enough, now they want to charge 45% on income Tax?

Should we remind them the minimum wage of the Ghanaian cannot purchase a common bread as we speak?

Apart from the article 71 holder, the civil servant Ghanaian’s Salary is nothing to write home about! How will we pay rent? How about the deliberated sky rocketed adjusted Utility bills like water and Electricity?

If the person is a family man or woman, how do they pay school fees etc?

So what happened to the promise to move the economy from Taxation to production!?

These heap of taxes are nothing but Government sponsored Extortion!

May God have mercy on the disobedient Ghanaian who has refused to Vote for the CPP to fulfill the prophecy of attaining economic Independence!


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