The Electoral Commission wants to create a new register with $80 million-Minority Leader alleges

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The Electoral Commission’s (EC) plans to create a new voter registration based only on the new Ghana card are being resisted by the Minority in Parliament.

The Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu, claims that creating a new register on this basis would be a waste of money and would disenfranchise many Ghanaians who have not yet registered or obtained their cards.

“Our understanding as we pick it up is that the EC is desperately planning to discard the 2020 voters register and replace it with a new voter register, which will cost taxpayers and the people of Ghana 80 million dollars or thereabouts,” Haruna Iddrisu said in a press conference during a session of parliament.

Sam George, the representative for Ningo Prampram, has made similar claims in the past, suggesting that the EC is getting ready to introduce a constitutional amendment that will enable the compilation of new voter registration lists using Ghana Cards.

Following the establishment of a new voter register prior to the 2020 elections, the government faced harsh criticism.

Many organizations and individuals from the civil society argued that the existing registry was reliable and that creating a new one was unnecessary.

IMANI Africa had stated that the equipment purchase for the creation of a new register, which was later abandoned, cost somewhere around $60 million.


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