The mystery deaths of two girls at Okrakwadwo

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At Okrakwadwo, in the Okere district of the Eastern Region, two teenage females have died.

The girls’ bodies, which had suffered serious head injuries, were discovered Tuesday morning along the Koforidua-Adukrom route.

Yvonne and Esther, two junior high school students, allegedly left their homes to go see their boyfriends, according to reports.

Residents claim that they were murdered by their attackers at daybreak and then dumped by the side of the road.

Akrasi Eric, an Okada passenger who arrived on the area immediately after their bodies were discovered, claimed to have heard bus noise that day.

At first light, a Sprinter bus made a loud noise. The driver hurried to alert us after discovering two teenage girls who were dead on the ground.  Their bodies were unharmed, but their skulls were crushed.

Nobody is sure what happened, but I suspect it was a car that ran them over.

Since the girls did not force their way out of a car, the assemblyman for the neighborhood, Michael Gadasu, who confirmed the incident to Accra-based Starr News, fears foul play.

They didn’t appear to have any injuries on their bodies that would indicate they leapt out of a moving car.

Additionally, they were put next to one another, leading us to believe they were slain and dumped, the man added.

Samuel Obiri, the uncle of one of the slain adolescent girls, added that he does not think the girls were struck by a car.

“We do not know what happened, we just heard about it and rushed to the hospital. They died upon reaching the hospital. We have reported to the police, but won’t believe any story that they were hit by a vehicle.”

The relatives of both girls, who are awaiting the results of the autopsies, have also claimed that they believe foul play was involved. They base this assertion on text conversations found on a victim’s phone that was found at the scene.

While investigations are ongoing, the bodies of the two youngsters have been removed by the Adukrom District Police command and placed at the mortuary.


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