We are prepared to provide Ghana Cards for the 2024 elections – NIA

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If the Ghana card would be utilized for the general election in 2024, according to Professor Kenneth Agyemang Attafuah, the Executive Secretary of the National Identification Authority (NIA), the Authority is prepared to remove all backlogs and register new voters.

“There is ample time, good technology, expertise, leadership, and will…We are ready, he continued, if Parliament gives the Electoral Commission the go-ahead.

In a media interview, Prof. Attafuah stated:” It will be a tragedy if we do not use Ghana card for election 2024. There’s no reasonable basis for that not to happen.”

Because of the NIA’s registration of 17.3 million voters out of the projected 19 million, he said that “a lot of individuals entitled to vote was captured.”

Those who had not yet registered but were over 18 years old or would soon be 18 might do so in six months, according to the Executive Secretary.

“… Ours is continuous registration and we have offices in every district and NIA has shown capacity to open additional registration points. These measures will be introduced when necessary.”

The Authority would start registering Ghanaians living abroad in February of next year, according to Prof. Attafuah.

According to him, Ghana’s missions would handle the registration, which is a legal necessity, and charge the registrants a fee.

According to Prof. Attafuah, Ghanaians in the sub-region of West Africa would pay the equivalent of $30, with prices throughout the rest of Africa being a little cheaper than in those Euro-American nations.

Ghanaians living in Euro-American nations will pay $50.

According to him, the payment was a component of the business plan that supported the public-private collaboration on the Identity Management System and the reason the Authority was able to provide the cards free of charge to Ghanaians there.

Beginning in February of next year, the Authority will also begin registering Ghanaians aged six and older and Ghanaians who are in custody.

The NIA has so far registered 17,316,762 Ghanaians, produced 16,701,636 cards, and distributed 16,016,464 cards, according to the Executive Secretary.

According to him, the Authority had printed and issued 164,405 cards to the foreigners it had enlisted in this way.

The Authority has begun to register refugees in the nation.

Source: Ghanatodayonline.com

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