We’re ready to help the Electoral Commission fulfill its mandate – Prof Ken Attafuah

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Professor Kenneth Attafuah, Executive Secretary of the National Identification Authority (NIA), claims that his organization is prepared to fulfill its mandate to issue Ghana cards in order to assist the Electoral Commission(NIA) in carrying out its proposed Constitutional Instrument for the general elections of 2024.

The Ghana ID is being used as the only form of documentation for voter registration by the EC.

Professor Attafuah, who briefed Lawmakers on his organization’s readiness to give Ghana cards to applicants, claimed that they have the practical know-how to do so in order to support the EC in the registration process.

“NIA has the technical and operational competence to print and issue the cards. We are ready to deliver on our mandate. The NIA is poised, ready and able to provide and deliver on its mandate, subject to the provision of the much-needed financial support that is warranted,” the NIA boss said.

Due to funding issues, Professor Attafuah stated that the NIA has not been able to produce 541,529 applicant credentials.

He claimed that despite having some budgetary issues, they would make sure that all candidates could access Ghana cards.

“541,529 unprinted cards reflect the recent financial issues we have faced, which began roughly in July and August of last year [2022], and which prevented us from obtaining the 3.5 million blank cards we had ordered into the nation.

Which our technological partners have imported into the nation and are presently stored in secured storage, but we are unable to access them due to financial restrictions,” Prof Attefuah said.

Source: Ghanatodayonline.com

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