Bibiani teacher hangs himself

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According to reports, a certified teacher, age 29, hanged himself at Bibiani D-Line in the Western North Region’s Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai Municipality.

Woyome, also known as Yaw Robert Agbeshie, was discovered hanged in his bedroom early on Friday.

He did not leave a note or indicate to those close to him that he was considering suicide.

He reportedly attended church the day before and played football with several mates.

“He was a teacher. He came to do his service here that is where I knew him. I heard this morning that he has committed suicide.I couldn’t believe it. We even played football with him yesterday then he rushed to bath and went to church” Sadly recalling, some of the deceased’s friends.Robert Yaw Agbeshie was an obedient Christian who was always on time for church functions.

He worshiped at King Jesus Alive Ministry International, where Prophet Bennett Ohene Gyan founded and led the organization.

He didn’t make fun of our church fellowship, but due to school and employment outside the town, he hasn’t been as punctual as he used to be over the last year.

Prophet Benett added, “However, when he just returned, he informed me he wanted to be usher in the church starting next Sunday.

Police have transported the deceased’s body to the mortuary at Bibiani Government Hospital.

This is the fifth suicide case to be publicized in the nation’s media in January of this year.

While a mother recently hung her kid and herself at Ahanta West in the Western Region, there have been two suicide occurrences reported in the Eastern Region.

The nation of Ghana may experience a spike in suicide cases as a result of the present economic crisis.

Suicide is a significant public health issue, yet it may be avoided with prompt, evidence-based, and frequently inexpensive treatments.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that for national responses to be successful, a comprehensive multisectoral suicide prevention plan is required. Each year, 703 000 people die by suicide, and many more make suicide attempts.

In 2019, suicide was the fourth most common cause of death for those aged 15 to 29 worldwide.


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