Man shoots wife to death in Adaklu

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A farmer named Kwame Ayew is said to have shot his wife, popularly known as “Mamaa,” with a gun in Adaklu Tevikpo, a rural village tucked away in the Volta region.

The couple had been a resident of the little town with their nine kids.

The eldest son of the couple returned from school and made the terrible discovery.

He quickly called for help after discovering his mother unconscious in a bloody mess.

The son then went to the family farm to look into it more, according to Phillip Tetteh, who talked with Ho FM.

The suspected offender, Ayew, vanished all of the previous day till Wednesday.

He later reported himself, nevertheless, to the Adaklu Ahunda police station.

Ayew’s surrender was verified by Chief Inspector Nukpeza, who said that Ayew had shot and killed someone.

He was later placed under arrest while an inquiry was conducted.

The news desk of Ho FM claimed that the police had also detained the community elder who had gone to report the incident, which was an unexpected turn of events.

Police arrived in the neighborhood this afternoon to take Mamaa’s body and take it to the Ho Teaching Hospital for an autopsy and further investigation.

According to preliminary reports, Ayew lost it because his wife underwent a bilateral tubal ligation (BTL) without telling him. He allegedly confronted her and threatened to kill her.

Speaking anonymously, a neighbor said that Ayew had insisted that his family tell Mamaa to go to her parents’ house since they had encouraged her to get the surgery without getting his approval.

Sadly, Ayew’s actions allegedly escalated to Mamaa’s death rather than cooperation.

Ayew is still being held by the police as the terrifying occurrence is being investigated.


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