NDC can only count on a global recession to unseat NPP they have no better policy alternatives to that of the NPP- Concerned Patriot writes

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The NDC must not be second time lucky. If this happens, our nation’-building effort stands to slip into abyss of retrogression forever.

It seems the 2007 events that led to NPP’s defeat in 2008 is repeating itself in the form, and shade, of Covid-19. Though both came in different forms and times, the resultant effects on global economies seem identical.

And the NDC is leaving no stone unturned to revisit their 2007 campaign notes to generate idea amongst the grassroots that the situation is domestic rather than foreign induced. Remember ‘Idea Generation ‘ plays bulk role in opposition campaign strategies.

It will be recalled that, a Global Credit Crunch led to financial global recession and subsequently caused severe difficulties to African governments, including then exceptionally performing President John Agyekum Kuffour led NPP government of Ghana. In spite of all the gains that had been made in economic front then, the NDC succeeded in generating idea amongst middle income earners and the teaming unemployed youth that development is worth nothing without monies in people’s pockets, and that they wanted to come and put monies in people’s pockets as if they then had a magical wand to fill pockets of jobless youth in the streets. I remember very well, the then running mate of the opposition NDC, John Dramani Mahama, hitting his pocket everywhere he campaigned and asking a repetitive question ‘Do you have monies in your pockets?’ This cunningly swayed the minds of the many youth then who had not been lucky to witness thier 19 ‘Wasted’ years of P/NDC administration to vote them back into power in 2009. That marked the restart of economic retardation Ghana suffered between 2009 and 2017.

This time around, there is another global pandemic which seems to be twisting excellent developmental path the current NPP government is riding along. And the opposition seems happier blaming everything on government to secure fertile grounds to go into 2024 General Elections.

It’s undeniable fact that the opposition NDC has had a major economic headache matching up to the prowess of Vice President Dr. Mahamadu  Bawumia. His lectures in the days in opposition, as well as policy outline/directions as Chairman of Economic Management Team in government leaves NDC with little to no convincing alternative arguments. They are therefore capitalizing on effects arising from this global COVID-19 pandemic, and its attendant knockdowns, to make hey whilst the Sun is shining.  ‘Let’s give a dog a bad name and hang it’ is their strategy now, knowing Dr Bawumia is among the apparent heirs to the throne as the President runs his final lap of the race.

To my friends in NPP, you must be guided that idea generation is key in political campaigning. Do not allow these lies to continue, else we will laugh at the wrong sides of our mouths

To you the voter, there are dark angels (NDC) sitting on the bench and proffering empty alternatives if they should be back to power.

Be informed that the comparison is not between the current administration, the NPP, and God (who is faultless), and thus every mistake/shortfall on the other side must warrants a change. It is between two fallible human organizations, the NPP and the NDC. Our duty is to choose who will get us closer to a better economic growth for human progress and individual liberty. And the results are on wall for all to see.

Compare administrations and see which one delivers good results.


Agyemang Richard

(Concerned Patriot)

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