Physician Assistants to embark on demo today

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The Graduate Physician Assistants Association of Ghana has made hints that it may go on strike in response to what it sees as prejudice towards its field.

The association accuses the government of weakening the profession of physician assistants.

The group claims that rather than advancing the profession, “they stopped some PA training schools, failed candidates who applied for licenses, and strangled PA postings by the government.”

The group has threatened to go on strike starting today Wednesday, July 19, 2023 if the government does not solve these issues.

Joel Tetteh Padi, the association’s general secretary, emphasized that because PAs are educated graduates, they should be given respect and acknowledgment.

He recalled an event from 2018 in which a physician assistant was detained for over two weeks.

Mr. Padi also criticized the Ghana Medical and Dental Council’s rule that forbids PAs from signing some patient forms pertaining to sick leave and rest without a doctor’s supervision.

He said that PAs, particularly those in rural locations, must request permission from doctors in urban areas in order to submit patient care documents.


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