Policeman accused of murdering his girlfriend ‘Maa Adwoa’ pleads not guilty

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During the committal procedures, Inspector Ahmed Twumasi, a police officer accused of killing his lover Victoria Dapaah ‘Maa Adwoa’, entered a not-guilty plea.

Twumasi strongly reacted with his plea of not guilty to the murder charge as the state attorney gave out the case’s basic facts.

He defended his right to legal counsel by declining to respond to any additional inquiries without his attorney present.

As the trial went on, Twumasi also stated that he intended to summon witnesses in support of his defense.

During the committal procedure, the state attorney provided convincing evidence to back up the accusations against Twumasi.

The service weapon allegedly used in the incident as well as CCTV footage from the scene were among the evidence.

These documents provided evidence of Twumasi’s claimed participation in the unfortunate incident.

The deceased’s father, Bruce Dapaah, emphasized the family’s steadfast insistence that justice be done in this case. Their sorrow and need for closure were evident, and they really hoped that the judicial process would result in a fair and reasonable resolution.

Increased security measures were put in place within the courtroom to avoid any physical assaults on the suspect because it was anticipated that tensions would rise.

Unfortunately, despite these safety measures, some of the deceased’s family members attempted to attack Twumasi after becoming furious.

The situation quickly escalated into chaos, prompting the police to call for reinforcements to restore order.

Following the committal proceedings, the Asokore Mampong district court decided to commit the case to the high court. The trial was scheduled to commence on July 13, 2023, at 10 am.

From that point forward, the high court would assume full responsibility for the trial, ensuring a thorough examination of the evidence and a fair determination of Twumasi’s guilt or innocence.

The alleged assault took place on April 20, 2023, at Adum, just a short distance from Victoria Dapaah’s home.

Known also as Maa Adwoa, the young woman tragically passed away at the age of 26 at the hands of her boyfriend, Inspector Ahmed Twumasi.

Twumasi was detained in jail following his arrest and held there until his case was being tried. He stayed in jail throughout the legal procedure as he awaited his court date and the chance to defend himself against the terrible charges he was facing.

Source: Ghanatodayonline.com

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